The TerpNav Pedestrian Map system grew from research in Gemstone (a program in the Honors College at the University of Maryland) and was implemented by students in SEAM (which at one time was a software cooperative connecting students in capstone software engineering classes with clients who needed full-scale solutions.)

Many students had a hand in helping TerpNav along on its way, but a few in particular gave truly standout efforts, and today's system reflects their insight and clear design decisions. These Heroes of TerpNav are: Michael Wasser (BS CS '08), CEO of Raveld (acquired by Apptio), and currently working on a stealth-mode healthcare company; Josh Caldwell, (BS CS '10), today a developer at Phase2; and Bobby Azarbayejani (BS CS '13, BS Linguistics '13), today a software engineer with Amazon.

Base map data are available thanks to ©OpenStreetMap and the many contributors who are generous with their time in this crowd-sourced effort to keep map data up-to-date. TerpNav wouldn't be what it is today without you - much appreciated!

-- Jim Purtilo